A Passion for Riesling

Kim HeadShot 3-resI drank some of the best European and Australian wines money could buy back in the 70s and 80s, when that didn’t mean a truckload of cash. In the nineties, the wine world went silly, with US brain surgeons and Hong Kong property billionaires pushing fine wine prices into the stratosphere. Fine wine producers all over the world became marketers of luxury goods, creating more and more ‘super premium’ labels at vastly inflated prices. It didn’t take long for my passion to cool.

Back to wine as Fun

That’s how the idea for Best Wines Under $20 (BWU$20) was born, to deliver more straight wine talk without industry jargon, pomp, pretence or vendor bias. This new blog is about Riesling, a style of wine I never lost my passion for because the style somehow escaped the super premium trend and glitzy mega stardom – at least down under.

Riesling is the noblest of varieties but one of the least popular in Australia and NZ. I’m not trying to change that but I want to share the good news that you can drink some of our best Rieslings for $15 – $40. Our best reds cost 10 times that much. Yes, this is still the lucky country, at least when it comes to Riesling.

As I do on BWU$20, I write for real people not wine buffs or wine bores. As with BWU$20, I focus on wines with exceptional quality to price ratios, wines that people will love drinking and sharing, crowd-pleasers that don’t cost a fortune. Riesling fits that model like a fine glove.

Kim Brebach

Wine Sleuth

To contact me, please email info@bestwinesunder20.com.au.

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